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How to prepare your garden for Winter

As Autumn leaves fall, nature tells us it’s time to get your garden ready for Winter and we know how much our tenants enjoy their garden in warmer months, so if you want to repeat that experience next year, now is time to put some simple measures in place..

Get rid.
First pull up any plants that have had diseases or pests and burn or bag the plants to stop that disease in its tracks.

Cut back
Cut perennials as soon as there is a FROST  leaving them 4 to 6 inches tall (if you cut back too early, energy stores don’t get to the roots)  Wait until the plant is dead and then cut it back.
Make sure you get rid of slimy leaves and brush up patios and decking to prevent slippery areas in your outside living space.

When you rake up all of the leaves from deciduous plants on your property, make sure you add them to your compost rather than getting rid of them. They contain vital nutrients for your soil.
Spreading 1 to 6 inches of compost or composted manure over exposed soil keeps it from becoming depleted from vital nutrients. Compost can be made up of many things, including everything you have cut throughout the year, food waste from the kitchen and manure. Aim for a balance of brown and green materials for the best results; think straw, leaves and grass

Plant your Spring Flowering bulbs
Daffodils, tulips, crocuses, hyacinths etc.  Remember that each bulb should be planted at a depth that is three times the height of the bulb. So a 1-inch bulb gets planted about 3 inches down. The bulbs themselves don’t need water, but it’s a good idea to water the soil as watered soil is harder for animals to dig up.

Time to pack up.
Once you finished tidying up and getting your garden ready for next year, we totally recommend thoroughly cleaning your garden tools, and putting them away in a dry area; this way, when the time comes next year to start tending your well cared garden, you won’t have rusty old tools that need replacing.

After that, you deserve a sit down in a comfy chair and have a nice cup of tea – ENJOY!