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Top Reasons For Regular Property Inspection

To ensure that your rental property is in good condition, you, or your Letting agent, should inspect its overall condition, both the interior and exterior, at regular intervals throughout the tenancy.

Here are the top reasons why regular property inspections are necessary:

  1. To ensure compliance with the lease or tenancy agreement

Tenant compliance is among the most important reasons to conduct property visits regularly. It is a way to make sure that your tenants are in compliance with the lease agreement and addressing any breaches without having to evict them

2. To address repairs and maintenance issues

Inspecting the interior and exterior of your rental property is a good way to monitor its condition. For instance, you will be able to test the smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, and if the garden has been maintained properly.

Regular inspection is also a good way to detect any obvious maintenance issues. It is a good opportunity for you to troubleshoot, intervene early for any damages and repair any minor problems. In fact, this will save you money since you will be addressing issues right away.

3. To ensure that no illegal activities are taking place

Good paying tenants is not an assurance that there are no legal activities going on in a rental property, such as those involving illegal drugs. Regular inspection is one way to prevent this.

4. To preserve the value of your property

Inspections can give you and your tenants peace of mind that the building’s structure is sound. If you conduct regular visits, you will be able to find out if there are any structural problems caused by wear and tear or if the tenants are causing damage to the property.

5. To build a good relationship between landlord and tenants

Clear communication and a good rapport are key and will absolutely benefit your business. If tenants see that you are attentive to their needs and safety, they are more likely to renew the tenancy agreement at the end of the fixed term, which will consequently result in a long-term and reliable relationship.

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, landlords have the right to enter the property premises to view its ‘condition and state of repair”’.  However, landlords should take note that the inspection must be done at ‘reasonable times of the day’, and must provide at least 24 hours’ notice.

It is also important to create a written report at the end of the inspection as proof that you are complying with your obligations as a landlord/ property agent and as evidence in the event of a tenancy deposit dispute when your tenant moves on.

With our Fully Managed Service, we make regular visits to the property on your behalf and advise you of any potential problems. The main purpose of such visits is to assess whether there are any maintenance matters that require your attention.

We also check that the tenant is abiding by the agreement and not damaging the property. We also give the tenant advice, if necessary, on any defects we find. However, tenants do have a right to privacy and you or your agent can only enter the property with their consent. Similarly, we are not able to comment on the tenant’s lifestyle or cleaning ability unless the property is being adversely affected.

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