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  1. A good letting agent will help you prepare your property for letting

As professionals, we know the standards your property needs to meet and will help you put things right. We will advise and help you make small changes that make all the difference.

  1. A good letting agent will help you meet your legal obligations

As a result of regular training, we will know all the legal requirements and will be able to advise you. Taking the burden of getting, safety certificate or the energy performance certificate (EPC) in place saving you the bother. The authorities are getting stricter over regulation (quite rightly) and new legislation comes into force regularly so using a professional agency keeps you on the right side of the law.

  1. A good letting agent can let your property quicker than you can.

We have access to online advertising sites, our website and social media exposure. Not to mention shopfront advertising in the high street where people looking for accommodation can browse, professionally taken photographs at their leisure.  We also have a data base of potential tenants that have signed up for Property Alerts.

  1. A letting agent adds value to your property

People looking for a property will almost always prefer to use a professional agent to source that property. The confidence gained in using an agent will ultimately add value to the rental value; much like  buying a used car – do you buy privately, or through a professional garage?  The professional option offers more guarantees, protecting  investment.

  1. A letting agent will get a proper inventory done and deal with the deposit for you

A really good inventory is absolutely essential nowadays and landlords who are taken to adjudication by their tenants will have little chance of winning without one. We have staff specially trained to do this work and will usually be able to do a much better job than you can. There is also the advantage that if the matter ever does go to arbitration, an inventory drafted up by an independent third party like ourselves, will often mean that it is given greater weight by an adjudicator than one that was drafted up by you, the landlord.
We will also deal with protecting the deposit properly, making sure that all the proper information is given to the tenant within the allotted time frame.

  1. A good letting agent will deal with checking and referencing your tenant

We will carefully screen and reference all prospective tenants as a matter of course.  This does not always mean that there are no problems later, but it certainly reduces the chances of this happening. We may also be able to recognise known or signs of  bad or criminal tenants.

  1. A good letting agent will deal with any problems that arise during the tenancy

There is a lot of work involved in renting property and it is not just finding a good tenant.  Often problems arise at the property – for example minor repairs that need doing.  Tenants also sometimes lock themselves out and need helping.
We are your tenants first port of call and offer an emergency number just for that purpose, We also carry out regular inspections to make sure that the tenant is looking after the property properly

And finally….

8. Finally of course is the fact that most landlords want their property to work for them, not the other way around.. Therefore leaving the business of dealing with tenants, the legalities, the maintenance and the rent collection, takes the burden of this away.  A really good agent can be a blessing to a landlord and we know that at Carrick Johnson we are really good agents!