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What is the difference?

You may hear your tenant say they have “damp” it is always best to determine what the source of the issue is, whether this is a rising issue or an issue with a leak from an issue you have somewhere with the property or building. Our team are experienced in helping identity these issues and work with trusted contractors to have the issue addressed.

Both rising damp and water ingress are common issues related to excess moisture in buildings, but they occur through different mechanisms and have distinct characteristics:

  1. Rising Damp:

    • Rising damp occurs when groundwater is drawn upwards through porous building materials like bricks, mortar, or concrete via capillary action.
    • It typically affects the lower parts of walls, usually up to a height of around one meter above ground level.
    • Signs of rising damp include damp patches or staining on walls, blistering or peeling paint, and the presence of salts or efflorescence on affected surfaces.
    • Rising damp is often associated with older buildings with inadequate damp-proofing measures. Such as a damp-proof course (DPC) or a damp-proof membrane (DPM).
  1. Water Ingress:

    • Water ingress refers to the penetration of water into a building from external sources. Such as rainfall, plumbing leaks, or faulty building components like roofs, windows, or doors.
    • It can occur at any level of a building and in various locations, depending on the source of water intrusion.
    • Signs of water ingress may include wet patches or staining on walls or ceilings, water pooling on floors, rot or decay of building materials, and mould or mildew growth.
    • Water ingress can result from various factors, including poor building maintenance, damaged or deteriorated building components, or extreme weather events.

In summary, both issues can lead to moisture-related problems such as dampness, mould growth, and structural damage. Addressing them requires identifying and remedying the underlying causes of moisture intrusion. If you are having issues with mould or damp in your property please contact us on 01626 335090 Our experienced team will be able to assist finding the source of the issue