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‘Buy to let’ –  is it still a good investment plan, and where can I get unbiased advice on what and where I should buy?

Property continues to be a good investment and the number of people renting across the UK continues to increase, a third of UK’s millennials are set to still be renting into retirement.

At Carrick Johnson Lettings & Property Management, we specialise entirely on the letting market and have over 30 years of experience in recognising the benefits and possible pit falls of that ‘buy to let’ property you might have carrick-johnsonyour eye on.

Free consultation.

We are happy to talk through your plans to purchase a property and you can be confident that our un-involvement in ‘Property Sales’ allows us to offer completely unbiased advice, before you make any financial commitment.

Obviously, we would like to think you would see the benefit in using our Letting and Property Management services going forward, but whatever the outcome we are more than happy to help you decide what direction your property investment takes