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Putting your stamp on it..

Moving into your new rental property is exciting, and getting unpacked to put your own stamp on your new home quickly is a great way to hit the ground running. Once you’re settled in, you could go one step further and start redecorating.

However, as your property is rented, you must be sure that any changes you make do not damage the property and your landlord is comfortable with them. Otherwise, you could incur deposit deductions.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun decorating your rental property though. Here are a selection of redecorating ideas for rental properties to get your going.

Add some greenery

You can introduce liveliness into your rental property with plants. A visit to the local garden centre should provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

When your let ends and you’re moving into a new rental property you should take your plants with you, so do think about how easy they’ll be to transport.

The plants you do buy need to be taken care of properly. That means making sure they get ample sunlight and are watered regularly.

Some plants with have different care requirements, so ask at your local garden centre for advice or research yourself first.

Change up the lighting

Adjusting lighting can reinvent your rental property’s atmosphere. For example, a small warm lamp will feel cosier than using the main lightbulb all day.

You could even end up saving some money on your energy bill with energy saving lightbulbs, if they aren’t already installed.

Keep in mind that if you do remove or change any fittings or fixtures that were a part of your rental property’s inventory, you must store them properly so that you can return them when the let on your rental property comes to an end.

Consider exploring lampshade options. Different lampshades with diffuse the light across the rooms of your rental property differently. Coloured lampshades could introduce some vibrancy.

Adding texture with textiles

You can really change how a room feels with fabrics. For example, a warm coloured throw on a dark leather sofa can both lighten and enhance comfort.

Rugs and throws are easy and cheap ways to introduce splashes of colour and texture to your rental property.

If you do buy any rugs, make sure your measure the space first, and consider that you’ll be taking it with you to your next home when the let on your rental property ends.

Presenting your prized possessions

Use shelves to show off your favourite belongings. It’s a great way to insert your personality into your rental property without making any permanent changes. If your rental property doesn’t have shelf space, why not buy a stand-alone shelving unit?

If you have any collections, such as a book series, you should show them off with pride. They’ll be great talking pieces for when you have guests around too.

If the prospect of displaying your most valued belongings is a bit daunting, you can get reassurance with contents insurance coverage from a trusted Insurance company.

Create a mood board

You can create a mood board using a cork board and pins, which should both be cheap. It’s a great way to pull together your favourite photos and memorabilia.

You can easily lean one against a wall, or you could use an existing screw in the wall to hang up. Do not install a screw yourself.

A mood board is great because you can still put photos up and they won’t damage the walls in your rental property. You can even take it to your next rental property

Remember, even in a rented space, it’s your home. Feel free to leave your mark, but when in doubt, consult your landlord for approval. Avoid potential deposit deductions by seeking permission before making