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Condensation and mould issues are generally worse in the winter when the weather is cold and wet, so spring and summer can be a great time to throw those windows wide open and air out your house to help keep condensation and mould problems at bay.

Here’s some top tips to help:

Fresh air and air flow

  • Open your windows for 15 minutes every day so that fresh air replaces moisture. You need to do this all year round, but it’s nice and easy in the spring and summer months
  • If your windows have trickle vents, open them. This draws in a small but constant flow of fresh air
  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom doors closed when you’re cooking and showering. Leave the windows open during these times and for 20 minutes after to get rid of steam and condensation
  • Try not to overfill rooms and keep your furniture slightly away from walls as this increases the air flow.

Reduce moisture in the air

  • Make the most of the better weather and hang your washing outside to dry. If you can’t, hang it in the bathroom with the door closed and a window open or the fan on. Don’t put washing on the radiators as the water will evaporate into your home and cause issues
  • If you use a tumble drier, make sure it vents outside
  • Cook with pan lids on and use the extractor fan
  • When filling your bath, run the cold water first to reduce steam
  • Regularly wipe surfaces that are covered in condensation