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Small Space Gardening Ideas for Your Rental Property..

  • If you have a little outdoor space, you may think you’re limited in what you can accomplish with your garden. Even the tiniest plot may be transformed with a plethora of great and innovative small garden ideas.

Little gardens may need a bit more consideration than larger gardens, but they offer numerous benefits. For starters, it encourages you to be more creative, which may lead to a unique style and beauty. Another significant advantage is that, given their small size, they are frequently low maintenance.

You can find plenty of small garden ideas to inspire you, whether you want to construct an outstanding balcony garden, squeeze garden furniture into a courtyard, or fill a plot with greenery.

So, get creative and see what you can come up with whatever room you have.

Choose Your Focus and Start Planning

First and foremost, consider your favourite way to spend time in your garden when deciding what to put in it. After you’ve decided on a focal point, build your environment around it.

The quality of a garden design depends on careful, inventive planning. Start by sketching out the plot’s shape and boundaries, then experiment with alternative ideas to see what you can fit in, such as a patio, decking, or small shed.

Build Upwards

Take all you can off the ground to save valuable outdoor space. If you have a strong wall or fence, this is the best place to mount a slim shelving unit. Alternatively, you can look at pallet garden ideas to get your ideas flowing.

These levels can be used to exhibit potted plants, store smaller garden accessories, and serve as a place to sit with your drink or hang your hat.

Make Use of Your Patio Area

Bunting, chairs, flowers, and a bench decorate a white patio nicely.

Patios and decks beg for a fresh coat of paint. Whitewash brickwork and refurbish worn wood to breathe new life into a tired outdoor environment. Add a stack of cushions and rigs in folksy florals and cheerful bright colours for a happy mood.

These patio ideas will not only make you happy, but the flashes of colour against a white backdrop will make the space appear larger than it is. To enhance this impact, choose somewhat smaller benches and rugs than usual.

Take the Indoors Outside

With outdoor living room ideas, you can make a small garden feel bigger by making it feel like a continuation of your indoor space. Making the most of a room, no matter how small, increases its value. Dress up your little garden space with furniture and colourful outdoor fairy light ideas to make it a place you’ll want to spend more time in.

‘Do not overlook the importance of attention to detail; the same principles apply to an exterior project as they do to an interior project,’ explains Emmie Brookman, Silver Mushroom’s Creative Director. * ‘Your outdoor space should seem like an extension of your house, so make it as comfortable as possible and accessorize it in the same way you would inside.’ Introduce pillows, rugs, candles, and bowls; after all, if the weather changes, you can always bring them back inside.’

Similarly, a multitude of potted plants adds foliage, but because the pots are transportable, you can rearrange things as needed.

Create a Herb Garden

Herb gardens don’t have to be limited to your windowsills or a vast vegetable patch. Upcycle a side or coffee table to make a handmade and compact herb planting area

You’ll save space beneath the plants for extra planting or storage, and you’ll save your back a lot of strain from stooping over veg beds by placing the plants higher