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 There are lots of options for gardening for renters, and for growing your own to suit

.Be Patient

If you have moved into a flat/house with a garden and an easy-going landlord who doesn’t mind what you do to your garden, then it pays to be patient and try to wait a year to see what is in the garden before you dig everything over. There may be some fabulous perennial plants ready to pop up at different times of the year.

Renters, Keep Things Portable When Gardening

It’s a lot of work to dig over a garden and you never know when you’ll move out and want to take your plants with you. So to avoid planting things in the soil, it’s worth building a small raised bed or getting some containers or gro-bags which you can can easily transport when you move. These solutions are really handy as you can better control the soil you are using too and it gives you a blank canvas for growing what you would like“..

If you move into a rented flat with no outdoor space but want to garden, then Lyndsey suggests some space-saving techniques. She says “the best things to grow indoors are some herbs and salad that don’t take up too much space. Pick ones that you use a lot in your cooking, such as rosemary basil, parsley, and lettuce. And to maximise plant growing space think about suspending your pots on different levels using macrame or even invest in a fancy sky planter“.

Here’s a handy tutorial to make a trendy (yes, trendy, it’s true!) macrame plant pot holder if you’re feeling inspired.  Otherwise, window ledges make great plant-growing spots.  If there’s a radiator under the window just remember you’ll have to water your plants more frequently as they tend to dry out faster


whichever way you look at it, adding some green space to your house or apartment turns it into a home!