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in the Lettings market..

1. We are strictly non-corporate

We are an independent business with a customer-first approach, providing transparency, thorough diligence and intimate local knowledge. Since we’re aware that these are the main reasons why our customers choose us, we will never grow beyond our capacity to provide a first-rate service.

Simply: If it isn’t good enough for our customers, it isn’t good enough for us.

2. We stand firmly behind regulation

We welcome every rule and legislation where it upholds the rights and responsibilities of the agency and the customer in equal measure. Where some agencies oppose the depth of industry regulation, we are strong support and adhere to the 200+ regulations, ensuring safe, secure homes and peace of mind to all.

3. We have a deep-rooted stance on compliance

Our exhaustive compliance list covers items such as money laundering regulations, gas and electrical safety, right to rent checks, general health and safety, HMO’s (property licensing), smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and valid EPCs, to name just a few. We insist that all compliance checks are up to date before we market a property.

4. We pay attention to the finer points

We regularly check items such as:

  • Validity of gas safety records
  • Health and safety
  • Renewals
  • Rent arrears
  • Deposits (CMP protected)
  • Move-ins

5. We respect landlords and tenants equally

We maintain that what is good for the client, is good for us. The same is true for landlords and tenants – what’s good for the landlord, is good for the tenant. For this reason, we only seek to market quality properties that meet all the regulations and only place fully vetted tenants into those properties.

7. We support local trades and suppliers

We purchase all of our supplies from local businesses and work with accredited, independent local tradespeople who we know well and trust to provide a high-quality service.

Let’s talk…

We invite you to come and talk to our team – we’re proud of our experience and will gladly share our knowledge with you 

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