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2020 bought with it a plethora of challenges.

This included many reasons from revised laws and the necessary regulations bought about by Covid 19.  Even with the optimism of a vaccine, these regulations are likely to impact for a large part of this year and beyond, therefore landlords, more than ever, need the experience and lettings expertise that can be found within a professional letting agency

Why work with an agent?

Working with an agent takes off the pressure and offers peace of mind that everything is being done to the highest standard and within the law at every stage.

How to find suitable tenants? 

As a landlord, finding new tenants is the hardest and most crucial part of your letting project.

Filling an empty property quickly and ensuring that rent is paid is the initial priority; long term, it’s essential to find tenants that respect and value your property and have sufficient income to maintain regular and timely rental payments.

As an agent we are fully-equipped to quickly react if a tenant ends their tenancy – at  the same time assessing the rental value of your property and ensuring it is represented at its best to prospective tenants. In some cases, we may have the perfect tenant waiting for a property just like yours.

Once an ideal tenant has been found, we can quickly put all the legalities in place, carrying out credit checks to ensure that the potential tenant is an ideal long-term fit for your property.

Dealing with changes caused by Covid-19

Lockdowns (national and regional)

Lockdowns can be a challenge if you don’t live in the same region as your rented property; however by working with local agents like ours, there will always be somebody that can visit the property and carry out Covid safe inspections and viewings.

Support and advice

During the pandemic, regulations around property are ever changing and can be complicated as well as time-consuming. Our lettings team of property experts offer assurance that a property is being managed within  regulations at any time

Conducting maintenance safely

Maintenance and repairs during Covid demands a vigilant approach.

First priority of course is whether it’s okay to enter the property. Some tenants may be vulnerable or shielding.

As an informed and professional agency we make it our business to know how to deal with these challenges. Our staff are always fully compliant, protecting our tenants and themselves at all times.

Legal disputes

The Coronavirus Act 2020 has had a huge impact on landlords and tenants across the UK.

It has changed the laws around how both tenant & landlord are able to operate. Our team of property experts are here to help and can act on your behalf.

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