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Guide on how to rent for the first time

Finding a property to rent for the first time can often be a daunting, expensive and stressful experience.
As a tenant, you want to find a property which offers space, security, is generally appeals to your taste, but does not cost the earth.
As experienced and respected  letting agents, we will help you find your perfect home, handle the maintenance and ensure that the property you are interested in is within your budget,.
For the first time renter, it is important we know what you are looking for and what your budget is. Unfortunately in most cases this will probably mean compromise. Having realistic goals will eliminate disappointments  and make the whole experience more exciting


This might be obvious, but meeting simple criteria regards location will impact positively on your finances and your social life.  Yes, you might fall in love with a property, but that 1 hour journey to work everyday or that costly taxi every time you meet your friends for a drink, will soon blur  your view of this once perfect property! – Before you know it, you will be either looking for a new job, looking for new friends or looking to move; chances are the ‘move’ will win and all the hassle that comes with it to you and your landlord! .

Your Future
Take time to consider whether you looking for rental for short-term or long-term.  Are you hoping to raise a young family in you new home? Are you embarking on a career that will grow and with it your life style expectations? In short, have a clear idea of why you are moving and how this move will impact on your future plans

Be realistic on what you can afford? This is essential  – know the very top of your budget and do not look  beyond that figure. This will only lead to stress and worry that will completely take the edge of enjoying your new home. Instead choose a property that is slightly than your budget and give yourself some expendable income to enjoy in your new found life..

Time schedule
If you are looking to move in a two to three months months and the property is  available in a months time, the chances are the landlord will not want his property standing empty without rent.  Far better to have a conversation with us about upcoming properties that will be in budget and available at a time to suit you and your landlord.

Tenants who are already renting: please check with your current landlord or agency what notice period you need to give before embarking on your property search.  Having to pay for two properties at the same time or having a large gap between tenancies will cause stress and arguments at home!

These basic points for first renters should help prepare you on how to find the right property for the right price. Also giving yourself a list of guidelines to follow will reduce confusion and stress and make finding your new home an exciting and rewarding experience.

If you are looking for a property to rent, please do call and speak to Lynette or Gemma at our Newton Abbot Office and will be pleased to help .